Quality Home Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Every home should at least have one amazing bathroom which will wow potential buyers and guests. You also want a space you can enjoy; the bathroom is an Oasis for many people. It’s the one area of the home where you can find solace and rest after a long day working. Should this be a nice long shower or a soak in the bathtub, everyone likes a nice bathroom.

We specialize in helping you design and maximize that bathroom space. If your home is older chances are your bathroom will be very small. Homes designed in the 50s and 60s did not take in to consideration bathrooms being a place of peace they were designed for convince. We can add square footage or work with what you have to maximize the space so it works for you. A small relocation of a sink or shift of a toilet and you can see a world of improvement. We also concentrate on how many people there are in your house hold to determine what you need in your bathroom. Some people like a separate shower and bath combination. This can be useful if you have kids because you can have someone bathing the younger kids while someone can still jump in the shower if need be. It can make for a seamless and easy bathroom experience that people need in this day and age.

We can install state of the art audio and video in your bathroom. Always wanted to sing in the shower to a backing track? Well now you can because we install speakers and a docking station so you can blast your favorite music in the bathroom and in the shower with water proof speakers built in. You can walk from one room to the other and still have the same music playing. And if you are watching your favorite TV show or sport you can keep up on what is going on by watching it in the shower or from the bath tub. We have what it takes to implement and install these options in your home.

Commercial Bathrooms

If you need bathrooms installed in an office setting or restaurant then we have the designers on hand to help you out. This can be from planning the size of the bathroom you will need dependent on the capacity of your commercial setting. If it’s a restaurant you want to make sure the bathroom can accommodate your patrons as if people are standing around waiting to use a restroom you will find it takes away from their overall restaurant experience as people can get very agitated waiting. You want to avoid any negative feelings from patrons and make their dining experience as perfect as possible so they keep coming back and the reviews for your establishment are good. The bathroom has to also fit the overall feel of your setting. If you have a nice modern company you want to bathroom to say “Yes! We are successful”. Any new modern restroom can have televisions installed in the mirrors these days and will be fully automated and easy to clean. We also give you the option of installing water saving devices so you are doing your bit for the environment.