Quality Home Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

When we first come in to a property we like to talk with you to determine what sort of kitchen you would like. And what we mean by this is, would you like a modern kitchen or a more traditional design. Sometimes it can be down to how the rest of your home looks to make sure the kitchen is not sticking out and does not fit your other aesthetics. If you are not sure of the look you want to go for we work with you because our designers will tell you what will work. If a wall needs to be moved they will suggest it to you. The main aim is to give you your dream and easy to use kitchen but also see where we can really add value to your home. Its one thing to add a new kitchen to your home but it’s another to really add a kitchen that works for the space and will attract any potential buyers if you sell in the near future.

What will I get in a new kitchen?

We can suggest many ideas that will really modernize and customize your kitchen. This can be incorporating granite worktops or quartz; we also install poured concrete worktops for a more modern industrial aesthetic. These are polished and sealed and can look really cool when installed with the right looking place. We also can install cheaper options like wood counter tops that are sealed and can really make a kitchen look nice and bright. Wood and bring out certain warmth. If you want to go real high end you might want to consider marble counter tops.

Other options we can present are new appliances such as top of the range microwaves and new convection ovens. They are not only more energy efficient but they can cook your food faster and more evenly. Appliances can come in selection of looks and options. If you want your appliances to look more vintage to fit a kitchen look you are going for we can help you with modern devices that are styled to look traditional. We will help you with whatever you need, be it stainless steel looking devices or white looking appliances.

When you are ready to have your kitchen redesigned and remodeled please feel free to call us and we will have one of our designers come out and help you with everything you need.

Commercial Kitchen remodeling

We have been installing commercial kitchens for years now. We know how to take care of non slip flooring and adding drains to make cleaning super easy. We can supply the commercial appliances you might need so your chefs have state of the art equipment. The kitchen will be designed and installed so it will make it 100% easy for everyone working in there. Ventilation will be taken care of and the kitchen will look fantastic! If it’s an open kitchen so the public can see what’s going on. We specialize in making sure the aesthetics of the dining room extend in to the kitchen.