Quality Home Remodeling

Home and Room Additions

When you are ready to consider having an addition added to your home we can help you with the design and planning. Our architects can draw up blue prints and help you with your permits so you can have a legal addition that will be added to the Squares footage of your original home. Should you need a 2nd story room addition or even a basement added we can do that. We have specialized crew members who can accommodate whatever you have planned. The most common requests we get for room additions are added bathrooms. It seems as families grow, more bathrooms are needed to stop a line building up in the morning rush. We have covered many room additions and new home builds and we are more than qualified to work with you to build whatever you desire.

Our new home build team start with the initial question of have you purchased land and do you know if it’s zoned? You need to know if it’s zoned because this will determine sometimes how high the building can be built and how many bedrooms you’re allowed to add. This is more common in built up cities, you won’t have the same trouble in more open spaces.

What is the maxim I can build?

Providing you have the land and permits there is no maximum. We can give you the home you have always dreamed of and get it complete on time and budget which is the most important thing. We can even do the building work without disturbing you too much so you can go about your daily business and not have walls coming down on you and opening you up to the elements. It’s all about smart planning and execution and our team are pro’s at this. Experience really is a benefactor when having any type of addition work carried out because you don’t need guys showing up with no idea on the job site. It works to have dedicated teams that are experts in the respective fields who know each other and know how to get things done.

Commercial builders

From office construction to retail we have building teams that have dealt with multimillion dollar projects. We work with you and the city to build projects from the ground up and make sure you are getting the best. Logistics are key to any building work, this includes if it’s a restaurant or chain having our designers visit your original location to make sure the look and the specs are the same. From project building to design we are focused on making sure you are happy with the initial outlay to the end build. Project management is used every step of the way with progress and budget reports. Mock up computer generated design is also implemented in the planning stages so you can really see your vision.

When you are ready to have one of our general contractors meet you we will be happy to set an appointment and discuss your project in greater detail.